Cross Epoch + Taste of the Devil Fruit
VIZ / 2016

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One piece and Dragon ball may just be the two most popular manga series of all time. And now they're together in one story thanks to a special collaboration between Eiichiro Oda and Akira Toriyama! Cross Epoch brings your favorite characters from these two Shonen Jump classics into the same world, and the results are hilarious! Can Luffy and Goku work together or will they fight over the last piece of meat?!

Toriko may be the one series that rivals One Piece in sheer scale and wackiness. The world of Toriko is as vast as it is dangerous, just like the Grand Line. But this crossover chapter takes place on Gourmet Island, where it's all about delicious foods! So who can eat more, Toriko or Luffy?! And what exactly does a Devil Fruit taste like...?

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